Monday, July 25, 2011

31st day of Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling's village to village tour

Gangtok: For implementation of projects, Chief Minister Dr. Pawan Chamling has emphasized on preparation of social estimates and public hearing of the schemes in the Gram Sabha before execution of the projects. “The project implemented should be transparent in every aspect as the people have every right to know about the schemes being implemented in their areas. Public hearing of the projects should be mandatory before starting the work in the field”. This was said by Chief Minister on Saturday, July 23, the 31st day of his village to village tour.
Regarding the various demands received from the public during the tour and sanctioned by him in principle on the spot he said, the people’s demand shall be brought before the coming assembly and passed in the house in the interest of the people. A compilation of the demands shall be brought out in a book form and sent to the gram panchayat, he said.
Giving a strong message to the departments, he said that the present practice of the field officers preparing estimates without knowing about the field requirement should be henceforth done away with. The field officers should personally visit the field and study the actual field requirements and feasibility of the projects before preparing the estimates he said and added Estimates as per the field requirement will be prepared “which will meet the purpose for which projects are implemented”.

Talking to students about the present education system and its impact on the society, Chief Minister said that the system of education which has become a medium of producing doctors, engineers and professionals from a human being has ceased to be value based. The prevalent education system which is not value based is creating problem in the world. “So, my dear students, the education should be value based and it should produce not only successful people but also good citizens”, he said. In this context he gave the example of Gandhi, Nelson Mendela, Abrahim Lincon and many others who were good citizens and changed the world for better and are remembered and revered throughout.
At the same time Dr. Chamling also cited the example of Hitler, Osama Bin laden and their likes “who were successful people but were not good citizen and were terror for the world and destroyed the world for their interest”. He asked the students to differentiate the distinguished people and learn from their lives.
“In order to see the problems faced by the people in nook and corner of the state and to see for himself the ground reality, this village to village tour will be made a yearly event of the government”, Chief Minister said.
At Saku the co-operative society of West Pendam GPU felicitated Chief Minister.

He was also at Duga by the beneficiaries of Chief Minister’s Rural Housing Scheme who were allotted houses under “Kutcha House Free State Mission”.
At Saku the Gram Panchayat Sachiv of West Pendam Gram Panchayat Pratap Rai his donation of land measuring 30ft x 33ft each to four poor villagers of the GPU for construction of houses under Kutcha House Free State Mission. The land documents were handed over to the four beneficiaries through the Chief Minister at a public function.
During the day long tour the Chief Minister addressed the people at Duga, Pachak, Central Pendam and Saku.
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