Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Mysterious Tibetan Dzi Stone Beads

Dzi (pronounced Zee) is a Tibetan word used to describe a patterned, usually agate, of mainly oblong, round, cylindrical or tabular shape pierced lengthwise called Heaven's Bead (tian zhu) in Chinese.

The meaning of the Tibetan word "Dzi" translates to "shine, brightness, clearness, splendour". The beads originate in the Tibetan cultural sphere and can command high prices and are difficult to come by. They are found primarily in Tibet, but also in neighbouring Bhutan, Ladakh and Sikkim. Shepherds and farmers pick them up in the grasslands or while cultivating fields. Because dZi are found in the earth, Tibetans cannot conceive of them as man-made. Since knowledge of the bead is derived from oral traditions, few beads have provoked more controversy concerning their source, method of manufacture and even precise definition. This all contributes to making them the most sought after and collectable beads on earth.

Dzi stones are said to do a number of things. Some protect its wearer from negative energies or accidents, some attract wealth or wisdom, while others might bring you love and happiness.

One thing to remember concerning these curious little stones is this, a Dzi stone may repel things, but it also can store them. When a negativism comes at you, your stone may block it or absorb it. They can also give very positive energies to you, while absorbing a bit of your energy in the process. In other words, a bit of them goes into you and a bit of you will go into them.

The downside to this is that if you are not the original possessor of the stone, you may get slapped with some of the first owners bad kharma. The way to prevent this from happening is to "cleanse" your Dzi stone when you get it. This will release all of that stored up nastiness, and will allow you to introduce yourself to your Dzi stone, and form a fresh spiritual bond.

Tibetan Dzi beads are felt by Tibetans to be of supernatural origins. It is inconceivable to most Tibetans queried told the same set of stories concerning the origin of Dzi.

Offered first was the belief that in ancient times dZi were the ornaments of semi-gods who threw them away whenever they became blemished even slightly; this is said to be the reason that hardly any of the beads are found in perfect condition.

Next came the story involves a man who saw one of these 'insects' high in the mountains and threw his hat over it to capture it. When he removed the hat, the 'insect' had become petrified. In its place lay a dZi. Other stories relate that Dzi were encountered in the high mountains by someone with especially good karma who managed to catch them. But in coming into contact with the human touch, the Dzi petrified. Other tales are told of Dzi being found in slaughtered animal horns or in cattle dung. Dr. R. Nebesky-Woikowitz (1952) recounts in 'Prehistoric Beads From Tibet,' a legend from Ngari, Western Tibet.

It is believed that Dzi originated from a mountain near Rudok. In ancient times, they were said to flow down its slopes like streams. One day, however, a wicked woman cast the "evil eye" on the mountain and the flow immediately stopped. And to this day, so the legend claims, the characteristic black and white stripes of the Dzi are still seen where the dZi once issued.

The "insect" theory of the origin of Dzi seems to be very widespread and is cited to explain various peculiarities. This, the Tibetan claim, is why sometimes a great number of Dzi are found forming a kind of 'nest'. Some believe that even after the beads have been unearthed, some will continue to move about for a little while. In any case, to the Tibetan, the Dzi is not man-made bead, but a precious jewel of supernatural origin.
Dzi Eye Meanings
The number of "eyes" on a Dzi stone will tell you its purpose and particular strength..........

1. The 1 eyed Dzi bead stands for a beacon of light and hope. This powerful eye is believed to enhance human wisdom, and bring forth happiness for life.

2. The 2 eyed Dzi enables harmony between husband and wife; build a happy family, successful career, and good relationships with others.

3. The 3 eyed Dzi bead represents the three stars of luck, happiness, honor, and longevity. It is the bead of wealth and health to bring continuous fortune.

4. The 4 eyed Dzi helps To Overcome Negative Forces, Clears Obstacles, Increases Merits & Longevity, Subdue Demons.

5. The 5 eyed Dzi is considered a magical item and is highly sought after. It assists one in obtaining whatever one desires, so it is a very desired bead. Endless happiness.

6. The 6 eyed Dzi eliminates sadness and sufferings in life, and increases access to good luck.

7. The 7 eyed Dzi helps one to Achieve Fame, Glory, Perfection, Career, Wealth, Relationship, and Health & Longevity.

8. The 8 eyed Dzi helps to guard against calamities and catastrophes. Assists the owner in finding and staying on their proper path.

9. The 9 eyed Dzi bead assists its owner to Gather Wealth, Achieve Good Health, Success, Gain Power, Compassion, Glory, and Expelling Evil & Acts as a Protector.

10. The 10 eyed Dzi removes obstacles in the road of career development, gains favorable comments on you from others, and omens a happy relationship with your spouse.

11. The 11 eyed Dzi helps to eradicate evil intentions and reduces craving, leading to a peace of the heart and mind.

12. The 12 eyed Dzi empowers one with the ability to surpass expectations and attain fame and recognition.

13. The 13 eyed Dzi allows one to learn to communicate with the ancestors as well as other dimensions and realities.

14. The 14 eyed Dzi helps to protect the mind from clutter and help with kharma issues.

15. The 15 eyed Dzi increases the wearer's wisdom, releases human suffering and brings forth general good fortune in human life.

16. The 16 eyed Dzi Brings back the humor in life. Reminds one that it is through play and joy that all things may be obtained. Helps to repel sadness, depression, melancholy, sorrowfulness, and the blues.

17. The 17 eyed Dzi can assist to improve the self image. It allows others to see you the way you see yourself in your unconscious mind. It protects owner from the images of others.

18. The 18 eyed Dzi can help to protect against obsessions and compulsions. Helps to protect against addictive personality traits. Alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual addiction, gambling and all other addictions.

19. The 19 eyed Dzi enhances the owner's ability to manifest and materialize the necessary things in one's life.

20. The 20 eyed Dzi assists in purification. This Dzi can enhance owner's process of preparation for ending the cycle of rebirth. It is very rare.

21. The 21 eyed Dzi enhances your magic power, realizes what you desire to the maximum extent. I magnifies all the characteristics of the other beads and focuses them into one stone. It is very sought after