Wednesday, June 22, 2011

20th day of Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling's village to village tour

Gangtok, june22 : The 40 days tour of the Sikkim CM Chamling along with all the Heads of the Departments across the state aims at spreading the message of making the people self reliant and inculcating a sense of ownership. All are born with equal rights, potential but the utilization of the same in true sense makes the difference were the opening address of Chief Minister Pawan Chamling on the 20th day of his state wide marathon.CM informing further urged that people of the visited area should lead their life fearlessly with full pride and honor and not to be just a silent spectator if any injustice takes place. Furthermore CM added that the world today is deteriorating on a regular basis is all because of one thing Hatred, and “I am on a mission of developing love amongst the masses of the state so that no cruelty, suppression, domination is ever seen in our state and peace, security and brotherhood prevails forever” said the CM. Every basic needs, facilities, development of the people in state is almost completed and is doubled compared to earlier governance in the17years long governance of the SDF party but the present the tour also aims at finding out the ground reality existing in the villages of state. He also added that he also wanted to sanction the remaining works of the people as demanded, on the spot. Addressing the people of Sawali village under Gelling- Samsing GPU CM mentioned that no development or facility awarded by the government has properly reached the people of the area,
who are still deprived of their rights. He further added that few individuals have been prospering by misutilizing the developmental funds allocated by the government by oppressing, suppressing the innocent people of the area and today such persons have turned so much so powerful that they are threatening the people across the state, hence the CM urged that the time has come when the people must know their rights and duties in a democratic form ofgovernment and act accordingly and oppose such miscreants in the society. The people in the grass root along with myself in the top must suffocate such individuals who misguides, misleads the people from enjoying their rights by overpowering the people.
Adding more CM informed that he is in a tour even to remove the fear psychosis created by few miscreants in the society in the minds of the people across the state. The silenct innocent behavior adopted by the people in state is
allowing the brokers, miscreants, middle mans, druggist and all those involved in bad activities to foster which is presently suppressing, threatening the people at large by terror, so the CM urged the people to break the silence and move on to protect, safeguard and carry out the sustainable development of state together. Addressing the youths CM today said that the youths of Sikkim must be
positive, creative, skilled as they are the future developer of state and if the youths are framed with a righteous manner then the prosperity, development of state will rest in safe hand. Whereas he said that students must not involve themselves in politics but must create their opinion poll and share it so that the feed backs, suggestion in regards to true governance or bad policies be rectified like that of social networking. CM mentioning further said that numerous plans, policies, developmental concepts have been carried out by the government in the state to make the people rich, wealthier but for that too the support, utmost dedication of the citizens is a must. The project carried out like organic farming, projects under tourism, projects under horticulture, agriculture initially focused are sustainable and the profession is even lucrative if adopted properly will definitely make the people rich and happy. Adding more CM stated that the per capita income, Gross DomesticProduct (GDP) of the state is rising on a regular basis and the government is really working hard towards elevating the graph of the same and further said that today Sikkim in context to social justice or empowerment of women’s is positioned in the first place which is the true development apart from other development in state.
CM today sanctioned Rs. 4 lakhs for construction of public play ground at Sawali along with other demands put forward by the school authorities and people to be worked out in a phase manner. Whereas at Pipalay Secondary School CM sanctioned Rs.1 lakhs for the students of the school along with 1 lakhs for JNV School located in the same area concerning study tour and other demands apart from the school were also given the positive signs to be fulfilled in phased manner. The CM in his address at Mabong village directed the department of Animal Husbandry to give piglets to the trained persons across the state soon whereas a auditorium hall Costing Rs.25 lakhs was alsos anctioned for the school. The Chief Minister today inaugurated a seven roomed school building of Mabong JHS. CM visited places like Gelling Samsing GPU, Pipalay then to Mangalbaria, Manbong, Kamling on the 20th Day and finally ended at Reshi Bazaar


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