Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gangtok observes World Music Day

GANGTOK, JUNE 21.Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent. June 21st has been celebrated every year as the World Music Day. On this day, the musicians perform for free in open areas. Free concerts are organized in parks, museums, train stations, castle etc. This helps in making all sorts of music accessible to the public. It gives an opportunity to commune and share a special bond through music. There is no restriction for noise on this day.Likewise, the World Music Day was observed today here in the hot spotof the capital “MG Marg” where people had gathered to mark this day in
a special way. A musical event of 2 hours where organized by theCultural Affairs and Heritage Department, Government of Sikkim incollaboration with NEZCC, Guwahati.

Every year, the department has been celebrating the World Music Dayhere in the capital in a very small scale but this is for the first time that it is being observed in open area, informed Mrs. Lata Rajalim, Cultural Officer, Cultural Affairs and Heritage

Department. It believes that this concert provides the platform for the public to connect with all the musical
genres. Mentioning about the day, Mrs. Rajalim said that, the musician are of two type amateur and another professional. Both are encouraged by the Department to perform on this day. Today, the day started by yak dance performed by the local artist from the Culture Department. After performing the yak dance, the day
saw different songs as Limboo, Sherpa, Bhutia, Lepcha, Hindi including Sufi sung by the local artist from the department.Further, eminent local bands like, No Big Deal, Liberated Senses and Urban Inc also performed for the public. The main theme of observing the day in the street is to encourage themusic all over the world and come forward, said Mrs. Rajalim.

During the day, when media had a chat with one of the band member of Urban Inc, Mr. Thupden Wangchuk, said that their album’s priority is to send out message to the youths and is not entirely business oriented but has welcomed sponsors for their self less venture. He added that, the band has drawn inspiration for their personal experiences and from hip-hop icons. “Rise to the top” is the first album of this band which
has altogether 10 songs Nepali, English, Hindi including Tibetan. For the past one
year, the band started their journey where they had performed in Smile Land with Dirty Angles (local band).
Mr. Wangchuk said that, they have extended their appreciation to Enoch Lingdong for being their mentor and motivational factor. “We would also like to thank Khenrab Wangchuk for motivating us. On the same hand, he also thanked Dirty Angles (local band) for helping them and the family who had been instrumental
and supportive in their musical venture.

Today, on the world music day, we performed 3 songs from our new album and happy of being a part of this important day for the musicians, said Mr. Wangchuk.

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