Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birth anniversary of Satpalji Maharaj celebrated in Gangtok

Gangtok,September22 : Manav Uthan Sewa Samiti, Gangtok Sub Division, celebrated 59th birth anniversary of His Holiness Sadgurudev Shri Satpalji Maharaj on 21st September at Sambala Ashram, Tibet Road. Shri Satpalji Maharaj was born on 21st September 1951 at Kankhal in the holy town of Haridwar.
Birth in the family of an enlightened Yogi, combined with his own inherent tendencies, facilitated his spiritual development from a very early age. He is a multi-dimensional personality. He wants to bring such a spiritual revolution in man’s consciousness, which can transform the human society. His main mission is to enlighten the man, free from all types of bondages and thus liberate his mind from all layers of ignorance.
He wants to manifest the unmenifest in man by uniting man’s finite consciousness with the primordial, cosmic Vibration. He emphasizes on the direct experience of the reality which is Truth, Consciousness, and bliss. He has been disseminating the spiritual knowledge, the core of all religions, for more than three decades. He teaches no particular scripture but believes in all. He gives references from all religious books to indicate that the essence of all religions is one and the same and that is “to know Thyself, to realize the all permeating consciousness”. He is an exponent of Manav Dharma, which stands for the universality of religion and blends the essence of all religions into oneness.
To celebrate this auspicious birth anniversary of Shri Maharaji a large number of devotees and members of the samiti congregated at Sambala Ashram. Celebration started with the drawing and bhajan singing competition among the children on the 20th of September. The selected children will participate in the state level competition. On 21st Setember, a Prabhat Pheri (Morning round) was taken out from Sambala Ashram at around 4:00 am which was followed by a sadbhawana yatra (goodwill march.) from Sambala Ashram to White Hall via Palace Gate and back to ashram. This is informed in a press release by samiti publicity secretary, Babu Tamang.

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