Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bhajan Album Released

GANGTOK, August 24: State HRDD Minister NK Pradhan released a Bhajan album ‘Bhakti Rasa Amrit’ in a function held at MLA Hostel here today.
Produced by Swayam Bhu Bhima Kali Ma Mandir, Sonam Gyatso Marg here in the Capital, the album has eight bhajans sung by noted singers such as Bhanu Ramudamu, Hira Rasaily, Kiran Waiba, Nikita Cintury, Poonam Tamang, Banika Pradhan and Prayas Singh.
Kaji Singh ‘Vidyarthi’ has written the lyrics as well as composed the music with noted Pakhawz Player from Sikkim, Nishant Singh’s contribution in tabla.
Speaking at the launching ceremony, Guru Surya Bir Tuladhar (Guruji) of the Mandir said the main objective of launching the Bhajan album was to make people more spiritually inclined.
“The spirituality in humans leads to performing good deeds,” the Guruji said.
The minister in his address said the initiative taken by Swayam Bhu Bhima Kali Ma Mandir was a present day requirement and it was necessary for the people to inculcate spiritual values for a contented and successful life.