Monday, August 27, 2007

Meiyang Chang : Alisha ma`am will miss me a lot..

Shocking elimination of Chang!

What has happened to the janta? They’ve thrown out hot favourite Meiyang Chang. The result came as a blow to Chang, who was in a state of shock when his name was announced. After all, his performance in the gala was one of his best. Alisha was so shaken by the result that she walked off the stage in protest! Later she returned at Chang’s request and gifted him her favourite cap. Chang was in tears as he sang his last song. Everybody was crying for the talented guy
Q.chang u wre one of my favourite how do feel after eliminationmeiyang

chang says So I was very emotional and disappointed. But its ok, life goes on and I am glad i got this opportunity.
Q. who is ur very best friend on Indian Idol??

meiyangchang says Deepali, Suhit & Ankita
Q. plz tell me who will b next indian idol? But U r my indian Idol I m gonna miss u :(

meiyangchang says Hi Neelam, thnks a lot for your wishes! I think Emon or Amit will be the Indian Idol.

Q. whats your aim?& have u any idea who will be the next indianidol?

meiyangchang says I want to pursue my career in sing. i will take professional training to improve my voice. Emon or AMit will be the next Idol.

Q. are u happy with indian idol voting system

meiyangchang says hmmmm...not really happy, but it has been the same for all the contestants so i can’t complain.

Q. Hey chand how do you tell me howz you feeling at the moment that you are out bad or not? what do you think who should be out?

meiyangchang says I feel dissapointed, But its okay. this is life.I feel Ankita should`ve been out. because comparing to other contestants, she was the weakest..


meiyangchang says My family & friends

Q. show do u feel after leaving this platform?

meiyangchang says I just feel a little dissapointed but its okay. one should accept failure gracefully in life

Q. chang wats your hobby

meiyangchang says Singing, sketching, Reading, Dancing

Q. did chang have a gf?

meiyangchang says No .. unfortunately!! lol!!

Q. how was ur journey in indian idiol?

meiyangchang says It was memorable one. Iam going to miss every one .. because we all were very close to each other.. it was like one big family.i will miss the show & my friends

Q. whome do you like the most in indian idol

meiyangchang says I really close to Deepali & Suhit. they were my best friends

Q. Who is ur favorite singer?

meiyangchang says My favourite singer is Sukhwinder Singh
Q. Did Alisha Ma'am has given you any offer for her next album as you were her first faviorate..she and we will miss you a lot

meiyangchang says Yes.. Alisha ma`am will miss me a lot..