Monday, June 18, 2007


The" Titanic Park "of Gangtok which other times seem busy with the huge crowd of tourists was seen busy recentlyfor other reason. Despite the immature weather of the town with rain, fog and the shiny sun with in some hours, they all were gathered there with lots of happiness in their face and a word of 'best wishes' in their tongue. Non for the other reasons but the crowd were gathered there to cheer "Prasant Tamang" who has entered to the finals of the popular Indian television channel show "Indian Idol" representing the Indian Nepali community. A Nepali paper Himalayan Derpan has launched a signature campaign placing a large banner oppositeTitanicPark and the Gangtok supporters were busy wishing and cheering Tamang. They are requesting all to 'vote' Prasant as many as they can through SMS. Many cabs run in the streets with his photos in their taxis and miking all to vote in his favour.As the position of Prasant is getting better day by day, teachers there also asked their students to praise their pride. All from tea shop to ticket counter filled with Prasant gossips. Resident of Tumsung, near Darjeeling, Prasant, 22 has provided the best opportunity to engage all the Nepalis there in one thread. "It is a pride for all Nepalis in Darjeeling to have Prasant in that position," says Prasant's mom Rupa, adding "we must make him win for the sake of all Gorkhalis".Different schools, clubs, organizations are campaigning not only with printed pamphlets but also with big eye-catching banners in almost all the chowks and crossroads and public places. A banner in Darjeeling hanged by the "Darjeeling Police" reads-"The first Indian Nepali, who reached to the voting round of the Indian Idol, is our pride". "Prasant has introduced the foreign Nepalis with his great contribution at the time when no others think of that," says musician Karma Yonjan. Tilottama 2007 Winner Kalpana Pradhan who is here in Gangtok for some days earlier said that she had voted countlessly in his favour as his presentation is quite appealing. "I voted him as much as I live here in hills," she said. "I was glad to hear the praising of the fellow brother from the mouth of such great personalities during the shows," she said.Idol jury and lyricist Javed Akhtar has praised Prasant in the show for his talanet of pronouncing Hindi words despite being a second language. Udit Narayan, another jury and Indian singer from Nepali community often speaks him in Nepali during the shows and praises him for the talent."I have voted him for more than hundred times," says Sunita Tamang revealing her Idol craze. While another house wife Karuna told, "We are praising his success every evening burning fireworks". There were lots of people gathered there in the chowk who seldom forgets to watch Indian Idol in their TV sets, "who cares for other works?"Sanjewati Tamang, 78, who wished to make her sole grand lad a veteran singer, also offered signature in the banner hanged for signature campaign with best wishes to prasant. "I am glad to see my darling in the TV screen," she said "Now I want to see all helping him to come first".Many of his fans are buying mobile Sim cards of different companies in fear if one stops working.DIG Range Akshay Sachdeva of Sikkim Police is also urging all to help Prasant. Chief Minister of Sikkim Pawan Chamling rumoured to has conveyed through a circular among the government employees to vote for Prasant. Though he has not joined any formal music classes, the locals there are quite sure of his victory. "We are always here to back him. He has to perform better for the sake of all of us," says Shanti Thatal, a singer.A middle family boy Prasant has been serving the Indian national police force since 2002 in place of his father, Madan, who expired in an accident then. "After joining the police band he started singing," says Archana, sister to Prasant. Darjeeling sees increase in TV sets selling as fans their wants to see their favorite star in their brand new TV sets. "One should not let miss the opportunity to see favoriate star of all," says Ajay Rai.meanwhile,Sikkim Journalists Forum members are out on streets of Gangtok to keep the heat on for Prashant.

Prasant, who is now fighting final round', after entering to the top ten of Indian Idol. The result of which is based on the SMS voting each competitor receives. So, keep on voting Prasant.

This blog THE SIKKIM TIMES extends its grand wishes to Prasant. Good Luck Prasant.

P.S.: Do Not Forget To SMS " PRASHANT" to 2525 during contest night of Indian Idol.