Saturday, July 16, 2011

NH 31-A Road Support Wall built by BRO Cracks

RANGPO-16TH JULY: It has been reported that due to the negligence and worst quality work done by the border roads organisation during the widening of road of National Highway 31-A at Rangpo more than 50 families and residents have to live in the very dangerous condition. According to the news before six month the road widening works was done between Rangpo fatak lane and below phc.for widening of roads the forest land was cut by the bro more than the area needed for widening. Though the road was widened but the safety wall constructed to protect from landslide was not only less in height also due to worst quality work in the construction of said safety wall the wall is totally collapsed from many side and also seen totally cracked within the six month of construction. Between the dangerous positions if any big incidents shall occurred in the area who shall responsible? It’s a big question and is a big tension for the local residents.

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