Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DRUKPA TSHESHI‎ from 3rd of August in Sikkim

Ganagtok, July 26. Drukpa Tsheshi festival will be celebrated on 3rd August 2011jointly by the Sikkim Buddhist Dechen organization and Sikkim Buddhist Association inclusive of all other Buddhist associations at Chorten Gumpa. Considering the celebration of the festival a committee was formed under the chairmanship of Mr. Passang Namgyal and the members of the community are Mr. KN Tamang (Secretary Administrative), Mr. L Gurdak (Secretary Accounts) and Mr. Palden T Dunkha (Secretary Hospitality) respectively. It has been informed, that from 3rd till 5th of August a complete reading of Ka-Gyur or translation of the scriptures in 108 volumes will take place at Chorten Gumpa, Deorali. The day is celebrated in commemoration of the first teachings of Buddha to his five disciples. This will be followed by celebration to mark Guru Rimpoche’s Trhungkar Tshechu on 8th of August too. To begin with a life size statue of Guru Padma Sambhava will be carried out in a religious procession followed by scriptures from Chorten Gumpa during the festival.
 The scriptures are taken out so that the devotees can avail Darshan of the scripture along with the statue and it is also said that the Darshan of the same also brings peace, harmony, happiness and blessing of Guru Padma Sambhava as well. The said festival also marks the birthday celebration of the Guru who stated Sikkim the hidden land as most sacred and holy. It is believed that the Guru Rinpoche has a very special relation with Sikkim as it is said that once when guru saw the land of Sikkim infested with evil spirits and demons that obstructed him from proceeding which guru vanquished by changing them into positive forces to guard the Sharma and protect the followers too.
Guru Padma Sambhava is also regarded as the second Buddha and is also known as the Supreme Tantric master. According to Sikkim Buddhist Duechen organization Guru Padma Sambhava is also respected in Tibet for establishing Buddhism here in Sikkim for visualizing the land as most sacred and holy.

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