Wednesday, July 20, 2011

27th day of the Sikkim Chief Minister's village to village tour

Gangtok,19th July:  The Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling on the 27th day of the village to village tour  while talking about the drug menace in the state said that stricter laws with imprisonment upto 10 years will be formulated in this coming assembly session scheduled for 11th and 12thAugust 2011 to combat this problem. The people who are involved in this trade are spoiling the future generation of our society and stricter laws are required to combat this menace, the Chief Minister said. Further he said that laws will also be framed banning children below 18 years of age from purchasing liquor from Foreign Liquor shop. FL Shop owner and hotel owners selling or entertaining children below 18 years with liquor shall be dealt seriously. Laws to this extend shall be framed, he said. Further, laws will also be framed to book those who come as an obstacle in public interest and put forward their personal interests. Public interest should be above personal interest. There have been many instances where government schemes have been delayed and hampered due to personal interest on petty issues. If this continues developmental works cannot progress. So, in order to combat these problem strict laws will be framed; the Chief Minister was very serious in this regard. Hinting on certain news item published in a local daily the Chief Minister said that the forth estate has a respectable and responsible position in the society as they play a pivotal role in shaping the society. But at the same time the Chief Minister said that certain local papers are directly writing against the very existence and dignity of the Sikkimese society which should be strongly opposed by the civil society. In this regard the Chief Minister strongly condemned the false report on local daily about MGNREGA. Refuting the allegation that MGNREGA is the sole bread winner of Sikkimese people the Chief Minister stated that the income of Sikkimese is not solely dependent on MGNREGA. Stressing that this allegation is an insult to all the Sikkimese he appealed to the forth estate to excise restrain and responsibility while reporting such erroneous news item. Talking to the students on the various schemes of the government in education sector the Chief Minister said that economic condition should not be a condition for education of the students and this government has created a situation whereby the student can pursue their education as much as they want. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor, you just concentrate on your studies and if you want any help in your studies – come to me, the Chief Minister said to the students. There are many schemes right from the primary level for the students. The Chief Ministers Meritorious Scholarship Scheme is not only meant for giving scholarship to meritorious students but also to encourage competition amongst the students, the Chief Minister added.


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