Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sikkim CM Announces Under-21 Cigeratte & liquor ban in state

GANGTOK: If you are below 21 you will not be allowed to buy and drink liquor or buy and smoke cigarette anywhere in the state. Fresh restrictions are to be imposed on liquor and cigarette consumption across Sikkim as per the announcement of Sikkim CM Dr. Pawan Chamling on SDF Day in Gangtok.

The legal drinking age for beer, rum, gin, whisky, vodka and country made liquor has been fixed at 21years.No smoking would be allowed for youths below 21. No shop would be allowed to sell these products to buyers if they are below 21 across Sikkim.

This decision would be made into law during state Assembly session as announced by Chief minister Chamling who said that the "future of youths of Sikkim cannot be allowed to be destroyed by alcohol or cigarette consumption".

The legal drinking age for the consumption of liquor would be similarly  fixed at 21 years. The provisions are a part of the government's new de-addiction policy, which would cleared by the cabinet of ministers and Assembly of Sikkim into a law soon.

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