Thursday, June 23, 2011

SDF party Meet For Remembering Sampoorna Kranti Diwas

Gangtok, June 22: President of the Sikkim Democratic Front and Chief Minister, Dr. Pawan Chamling has said, he would be very happy if all the dissident members of SDF party leave the organisation.” MLAs and ministers run the government, panchayats run the local government and party members should run the party. There should not be any mix up as to who is what.“If the party is to be stronger than all party workers should raise their free opinion istead of sitting at fence,” Chief Minister said in his address at Sampurna Kranti Diwas programme held by SDF at its Indira By Pass headquarter yesterday.

On the occasion, the SDF chief announced two prominent Congress member's names who were inducted in party and said “they are the ultimate authority to run the party, maintaining discipline and in adherence to policies of the party”.

“Party should be run by whole timers,” he said, adding, “Those party members who are engaged in their own business should not aspire to go up in the top echelons of the party.” Reiterating that he is very keen for the development of the state and productivity of skilled manpower, the Chief Minister said, “youths below 21 would be banned to purchase liquor or cigarette from shops across Sikkim soon.”
The Party meet also observed one minute silence in memory of one of founding member Kul Bahadur Rai who is no more.
Kranti Diwas is observed by the SDF party every year on 22nd June - the day on which Sikkim witnessed a mass upsurge of the people against the 14 year old Bhandari government demanding the restoration of democracy. The successful movement was led by SDF founder president Pawan Chamling. 

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