Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sikkim Chief Minister Chamling inaugurates the auditorium hall of High Court of Sikkim

Gangtok: 15th June: Sikkim Chief Minister Dr. Pawan Chamling today inaugurated the auditorium hall of High court of Sikkim. CM Pawan Chamling was the Chief Guest on the occasion .

While addressing the gathering CM said that Sikkim, by general consensus, is the most peaceful state in the country. Over the decades, Government has been able to provide the best example in terms of maintenance of law and order, citizen security and social cohesiveness. Besides being surrounded by three international borders, we have offered the best case of how people living in the border state remain immune to the entire fluid socio- political atmosphere prevailing across the border state. CM further informed that Sikkim is the youngest member of the North East Council and is dedicated towards development of this isolated region connected with the mainland India only through the neck corridor but there still remains this general feeling of negligence amongst the people in the region.
Since the inclusion into the Council, government has been able to fulfill the twin objectives of emotional integration of Sikkimese people with the mainstream and secondly promote the atmosphere of peace and competitive developmental scenario in the region. Through our own innovation, Government have conceived range of development strategies based on rich natural resources found in the state which is being replicated in many other sister states recently. This way, Government has been able to stabilize hill economy, making significant improvement in all the socio-economic indices of the state and the region. Rule of law is paramount in the functioning of state government. In addition to all the democratic dividends, Government have devised special programme for the deprived section of the people, the poor and the vulnerable added CM. All the democratic institutions like the executive, judiciary, legislative and the fourth estate are meant to serve the larger interest of the people and the nation at large, said CM.

While addressing the gathering Chief justice, High Court of Sikkim Justice P.D Dinakaran said that today is a red –letter day in the history of High Court of Sikkim. Chief Minister Pawan Chamling is a political icon of the state and also the most respected and influential leader of this part of our nation. The court is often said to be the temple of justice because among all the virtues, justice is the most wanted for the both, the ruler as well as those who are ruled added Justice Dinakaran. Further more Chief Justice mentioned that justice delivery is, therefore, obligated to deliver prompt and timely justice to the consumer without compromising on the quality of justice, or the element of families, equality and impartiality, otherwise those who seek justice may be constrained to take the law in their own hands. The judiciary is required to shoulder this great responsibility to endure justice, social, economic and political, as articulated in the preamble of our constitution, particularly, when our country is undergoing major socio- economic changes and is emerging as a major power in the globe. The development of the trade and commerce has expanded the sphere of human activity, bringing in its wake difference of opinion, among the various players in different walks of our life, culminating in litigation which, both in volume and variety, has been expanding non –stop added the Chief Justice. Chief Justice further said that undoubtedly, the onerous burden of accommodating these litigants and administering justice to them lies on the judiciary.
The calls for a better and bigger infrastructure to accommodate the ever expanding number of advocates and litigants. The administration of justice is not dependent on the availability of infrastructure alone, but, it is also the duty of the court to ensure ‘the rule of law’ which is the ‘wheel of justice’ informed Chief Justice. The finest hour of law is when the law disciplines life and matches promise in performance. Such goal would be achieved only if the court assures the access to justice for all.

 Further more Chief Justice informed that in this task, the Bar as well as the bench should work shoulder to shoulder and unless there is an outstanding legal fraternity, it may be possible for the bench to write the best possible judgments. If the Courts are the temples of justice, the lawyers are its pillars. The temple without pillars will be odd to imagine. Take way the lawyers, the temple would be without pillars and will tumble down. The Court should serve the society like a tree and provide legitimate shelter to the needy by administering real, speedy and inexpensive justice. To achieve that goal the legal knowledge of the members of the Bar as well as judicial officers are required to be updated.During the programme Video film “Access to justice for all” was also released by the Chief Minister Pawan Chamling. Justice S.P Wangdi Judge, High Court of Sikkim also addressed the gathering.

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