Thursday, June 16, 2011

The religious festival of Saga Dawa celebrated in Gangtok

Gangtok: 15th June: A religious procession, carrying the holy books was taken out from Tharpa Manilhakhang Gumpa at Tathengchen on the occasion of Saga Dawa on 15th June. Procession had a massive participant from the students from Enchey Senior Secondary School (SSS), West Point SSS, Modern SS and Tathengchen SS along with the members of Yargay Association of Tathengchen (YAT) and other social organizations and devotees around the capital. The procession that was organized by Yargay Association of Tathengchen (YAT) covered the route starting from Tathengchen via Secretariat Road, Kazi Road, Tibet Road, MLA Hostel, Tashi Namgyal Academy, and White Hall and finally concluded at the same point from where it  started.

The Saga Dawa prayers and recitations of the holy chants had started since 14th June at Tharpa Manilhakhang by the monks of Enchey Monastery. While speaking to media, General Secretary for YAT, Mr. Karma Denzongpa informed that, before taking out of these holy text books it was read and recited by 32 monks of Enchey Monastery. Mr. Denzongpa also informed that every year YAT organizes the Saga Dawa prayers but for the first it has taken out the procession in a massive way for the devotees. Further more Mr. Denzongpa added that, this time Saga Dawa celebration was celebrated in a grand manner as every thing that was organized was conducted in a most religious manner and the process of celebration was holy and the devotees who ever participated were blessed with a thousand blessing by lighting one butter lamp at the monastery.

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