Tuesday, June 28, 2011

21st day of Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling's Village to Village Tour

Gangtok,27th June (IPR): The Sikkim Chief Minister Dr. Pawan Chamling On the 21st day of village to village tour started from Legship Secondary School to wrap up his tour of West Sikkim on 27th June 2011 .

 Addressing the gathering Sikkim CM said that he had basically come to gather the information and feedback at the lowest of the work done and those yet to be done by his government and also to bring the bureaucrats to see the field reality. His village to village tour was an initiative to bring about direct democracy, he said. Speaking on the education system of Sikkim, he said that it is not up to the standard required specially in subjects like English and Math hence, in order the increase the efficiency of the teaching faculty, the government has initiated the policy of monthly evaluation of teachers by the students. Based on this evaluation good teachers will also be rewarded and at the same time drawback can also be traced. Further he said that it also becomes the duty of students to utilize all the facilities that the government have provided to them and try to make their future by themselves. He also stressed on the fact that the failure of the students is not only the responsibity of the teachers but the society as a whole. The police department was directed to be diligent in cases of drug abuse in the society, institutions and offices and anyone found indulging in such cases should be appropriately punished. He appealed to the public to shoulder the burden of making Sikkim a drug free State which has become the major problem of the state and nation. Good citizens will become successful citizens hence all students should try to be good from within. He said that knowledge should not be certificate oriented but value based with inputs of skill and capacity building.Expressing his dissatisfaction over the low quality of computers being supplied to the schools, he directed the concerned department to initiate departmental enquiry on the supplier and stressed that all goods supplied to the school should be of good quality. Henceforth, he directed the school heads not to compromise on quality. Until and unless everyone is made responsible and answerable such discrepancies will occur. He declared that any MR employees attaining the age of 58 years shall be given one and a half year monetary benefits if they want to retire.Referring to the employees he appealed them to dedicate their service
at their best for the welfare of the people and the development of the society. Adding to it he said if anyone is not satisfied with his work they are welcome to resign. He reiterated that his government is working towards the goal of making Sikkim into a beautiful, self-sufficient and advance state by the year 2015 and its people self sufficient and prosperous.
The Chief Minister also condoled with the relatives of the victims of the landslide in which 16 lives were lost and a two minute silence was also observed for the departed souls. All deptartments were asked to render whatever aid they could to the families and the houses destroyed would also be rebuilt.He said that Sikkim is a peaceful state and it is the responsibility of every citizen to maintain this peace and development always. The Chief Minister also sponsored Miss Purni Hangma Subba of Langang JHS for eye treatment.

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