Saturday, May 28, 2011

Visually Enchanting Sikkim Handicraft Shop @ Gurgaon

Sikkim Retail Counter at Culture Gully
Sikkim Retail Counter at Culture Gully

Experience the mountain air right here in Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon.
Culture Gully’s Sikkim Handicraft Shop is as famous for its craft as for its colorful design and architecture. Relish its charm and handicrafts as you step in and lose yourself in the wonderful world of North East.

Your eyes will be dazzled by the range of authentic crafts woven and fashioned by the artisans of Sikkim.
Carpets, carved furniture, choktse table and canvas wall hangings, traditional weaves, woolen blankets, exquisite shawls, gilded thanka paintings, recherché collection of dolls, you will find it all here at Culture Gully’s Sikkim Handicraft Shop.

Come and take a piece of Sikkim home with you!

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