Thursday, November 12, 2009

Himalayan Black Bear killed in fierce infighting in West

GEYZING, November 12: A Himalayan black bear was killed during a fierce infighting among three bears at Dokeythang reserve forest near Geyzing in West Sikkim yesterday night.
The carcass was spotted by the villagers today morning who informed the forest authorities.
It is informed that the three bears had been roaming around the forest areas in and around Geyzing, the district headquarters of West Sikkim. The forest authorities said that the bears attacked each other yesterday night leading to the death one bear.
The locals of Dokathang said that they heard the roars of the bears yesterday night. They ventured out in the morning to ascertain the incident when they spotted two bears guarding the carcass.
Some parts of the carcass like had been eaten up most probably the other two bears themselves, it is informed. The incident took place where a person had been mauled recently.
The fighting could have taken over territory or over a female bear.
The forest personnel of Geyzing recovered the body and took it to a vet for autopsy where it was confirmed that some parts of the carcass had been eaten up.
Later the carcass was cremated at the forest colony, Geyzing in presence of the local people and sub-divisional authorities.
Bears have been sighted at least a dozen times in West Sikkim in the past one month. Similar sightings have taken place in other three districts of Sikkim.
Nine persons have already been mauled by the bear in West, North and East districts of Sikkim during these sightings the bears have started transgressing into human habitats.

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