Sunday, September 20, 2009

Union Govt launches border development programme in Sikkim

Gangtok,Sep20: Amid reports of repeated border violations by neighbouring countries, the Centre has launched an ambitious frontier area development programme in 17 states having land border with foreign nations, including China.

The Border Area Development Programme (BADP) has been launched early this fiscal in the border blocks through the state governments.

"The objectives of BADP are to meet the special development needs of the people living in remote and inaccessible areas situated near the international border," a Home Ministry official said.

The project also aims at saturating the border areas with basic essential infrastructure through the convergence of Central or State government's schemes or BADP and through participatory approach.The guidelines of the BADP have been revised in February in consultation with the state governments. As per the revised guidelines, the state governments concerned will arrange the utilisation of the BADP funds only in those villages of the border blocks which are located "within 0-10 km" of the international border.

The villages located nearer to international border will get first priority. After saturating these villages with basic infrastructure, the next set of villages located within 0-15 km and 0-20 km would be taken up.
If the first village in a block is located at a faraway location from the international border, the first village or hamlet in the block may be taken as "0" km distance village for drawing the priority list.

The revised guidelines of the BADP have come into force with effect from 2009-10 for compliance by the state government concerned.

"The BADP emphasises the focused socio-economic development in the border areas and has brought confidence and belongingness among the border population," the official said.The convergence of BADP with other state or central plan schemes has activated the process of development