Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TVI Express scam in Sikkim

Local people senses foul over company address; files FIR

GANGTOK, September 21: People in Sikkim looking for easy money within a short period of time have often been ‘soft’ targets of many fraudulent companies.
Many cases of duping by such false companies have been reported earlier in the State but in most cases the victims were mostly innocent and ignorant people who blindly invest their earnings for lucrative offers.
In the latest episode, a FIR was lodged today at Namchi Police Station against the so-called “London based” Travel Ventures International (TVI) Express stating that the address used by the company was wrong.
Doubting the intention and the purpose of the company, the complainant has also alleged that the company was a fake undertaking and was using wrong address to make an ‘impression of sorts’ on the customers.
In the FIR, the complainant has stated that he had made a personal call at Global Head Quarters in London to inquire about the office of the TVI Express. “But when I called up number 0044-2078688500 of Marble Arch Tower, London, the operator there told me that TVI Express has moved out from the building. This means the building shown in the website has no connection with TVI Express,” the FIR read. The TVI Express website had shown a huge building in London claiming it to be their global head quarters.
“Since there is no office in the said building, some of the people involved in the TVI chain business in Sikkim are still showing wrong address in the presentation which is wrong,” the complainant said ;
However, when this complainant started sending SMS to his friends, who have been linked in TVI Express’ chain business, he received a call at 11:45 am today from one Ramesh Chandra Jaiswal of Siliguri claiming to be the company’s professional and threatened him of dire consequences if he continues sending SMS regarding TVI Express. The complainant further stated that the caller disconnected his phone and did not take his calls when he asked Ramesh Chandra to register a complaint against him.
 TVI customers in the Capital  informed that the mode of payment is being made in cash and not in cheques, thus aggravating the situation.
Sources talking to journalists also said that the company has no registered office set up in India till date.
People surfing TVI Express’ website has also alleged that the company lacks ownership disclosure or Corporate Officers on TVIExpress.com website. The website does not have privacy policy or terms and conditions listed on the TVIExpress.com website, they said.

TVI Express, people here believe is one of the fastest spreading chain businesses in Sikkim and the North Eastern States of India in particular like other similar agencies through which one has to make a down line link in order to gain the points after paying a sum of Rs 13,000.
“Since many people are showing keen interest in investing on the scheme, they should be very careful about the functioning of such companies,” a resident of Gangtok said.

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