Sunday, August 02, 2009

SNT driver was caught with ganja: GJM

GLP will not disturb cordial relations between Sikkim and Darjeeling: Dr. HB Chettri
GANGTOK, August 1: Reiterating the traditional ties between Sikkim and Darjeeling, the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) today denied of any high handiness approach and allegations of ‘extortion’ or ‘physical assaults’ by its frontal organization, Gorkhaland Police (GLP) on ‘innocent’ commuters travelling along the National Highway 31A from Siliguri to Sikkim.
“The GLP members are highly disciplined and have been merely tasked to remove the menace of drugs along the Highway. The GLP will not trouble any innocent persons and will not disturb the cordial relationships or create problems between Sikkim and Darjeeling. We are acting with restraint”, the GJM publicity secretary, Dr. Hara Bahadur Chettri said.
Regarding the allegations levelled by a SNT driver who had accused GLP youth of ‘assault’ and ‘looting’ at 10th Mile in Rangpo side of West Bengal along the NH 31A, the GJM publicity secretary shifted the blame on the driver himself.
“The particular driver was highly intoxicated and moreover, the GLP have recovered some marijuana (ganja) from him. The GLP boys landed a couple of dandas on him and told him that he will be handed over to Sikkim police. To this, the driver pleaded that he will lose his job and also that he was family man”, said Dr. Chettri. He informed that the GLP boys did some beating and let the driver go. The GLP had also informed the recovery of ganja to the Rangpo Sikkim police and gave them the number of the vehicle, he added.
“The seized ganja has been confiscated and still with us”, Dr. Chettri.
“The driver had also given a false name to the GLP which we found from the Sikkim Rangpo police and it is obvious that he had tried to mislead us as he was doing something wrong,” said Dr. Chettri.
While claiming the other incidents along the highway as complained were blown out of proportion, the GJM publicity secretary reminded that the GLP is doing great service to the Sikkimese people by stopping contraband substances meant for delivery in Sikkim. We were greatly appreciated when the GLP recovered drugs recently along the highway meant to be delivered in Sikkim, said Dr. Chettri.
At the same time, the GJM publicity secretary admitted that GLP boys could have overdone things although the GLP members are very much disciplined. There might be some elements as it will be anywhere, he said adding the amount of beating was not required and proper procedures should have been taken.
“We have briefed the GLP deployed in the NH 31 A to adopt procedures”, said Dr. Chettri assuring that innocent commuters along the highway will not be troubled while the drug smugglers will be handed over to the police