Sunday, August 02, 2009

Instituted ‘Dr. Pawan Chamling Study and Research Centre’

GANGTOK, August 1: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, who is in his 15th straight year running the government of Sikkim and breaking several records along his chequered political career, has been now been institutionalized.
An institution, ‘Dr. Pawan Chamling Study and Research Centre’ has been formed here in Sikkim with the sole purpose of globalizing the thoughts and missions of the Chief Minister, informs a press note from the convener of the interim committee of the centre.
The international committee of the centre is headed by renowned journalist and writer Damber Kumar Giri of Nepal. The other members of the committee will be nominated from all parts of the nation while distinguished personalities will be included in the advisory of the committee, the release informs.
The objectives of the centre are to give global publicity to the cultural plurality and new revolutionary thinkings and principles of the Chief Minister. The centre will try to inspire the global community on the historic initiatives taken by the Chief Minister in the fields of environment and green mission, the release adds.
Apart from the above objectives to sensitize the global community, the centre will also highlight the conservation and promotion steps taken by the Chief Minister for the cultural, language and tradition of the Nepali community so that the Nepali community spread all over the world is inspired from him, the release adds.
The centre will also conduct interactions and deliberations among the Nepali community of the world to preserve the ‘Nepali’ identity.
Distinguished personalities will be felicitated and bestowed with the ‘Dr. Pawan Chamling’ awards to honour their works in environment, human rights, creating peace, language, literature and other fields by the centre. The centre will also study and publish the principles advocated by an organization or an individual on democracy, human rights and justice.