Friday, August 07, 2009

Sikkim Democratic Front refutes allegations of Opposition parties

GANGTOK, August 6: The ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party has strongly condemned the statements given by a patched up opposition parties which appeared in local papers today.
The opposition parties in Sikkim who have no responsibility to the people have been spending away their time by distorting the reality in the past 15 years, said the party in a press statement.
The ruling front reminded that the State government had reserved a sum of Rs. 828 crores in the budget 2009-10 keeping in view of the interests of State government employees. Nobody can deny the fact that it only after the advent of the SDF government that there has been an unprecedented rise in the wages of the government employees, the party said.
“The SDF government has already constituted the fourth Pay Commission with an objective to increase the salaries of the government employees which will happen after the commission submits its report to the government”, said the ruling front while slamming the opposition parties for the condemnable politics.
Refuting the allegations over failure to fulfill the free ‘daal’ promise, the SDF party said that the BPL families will get four kgs of ‘daal’ free and works are in progress for this. As far the hike in price of sugar is concerned, the nation itself suffering from this, the party said.
The ruling front also clarified that the compulsory verification of the tenants enacted by the SDF government is targeted to maintain peace in the State. The party further highlighted the upcoming welfare measures to be implemented by the SDF government.