Friday, August 07, 2009

GangtokAug7 : XVII Annual Research Council Meeting 2009 of Indian Cardamom Research Institute Regional Station, Spices Board, was held at ICAR Research Complex on August 6. Mr. S.C. Gautam, Secretary, state food and supply department, was the chief guest and Mr. M.L. Arrawatia, Secretary, state science and technology department, was guest of honour .Mr. Gautam, in his address, said cardamom is one of the important cash crops and spices of the state and it is a major source of income of the farmers of the state. The government has also encouraged the farmers in the state for cardamom cultivation.
In a technical session, Dr. U. Gupta, senior scientist of Spices Board spoke on improvement of cardamom crop. Mr. A. K. Biswas and Dr. T.N Deka presented their papers agronomy and soil science and entomology, respectively.
Mr. Deka and Mr. PP Kanel, both directors of Spices Board, spoke on post harvest technology and transfer of cardamom technology. The Board usually submits its annual report of research done in the year for the improvement of spices in the state.