Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hyderabadi Dam Biryani festival to start at Hotel Sonam Palgey ,Gangtok

GANGTOK, August 20: After the success of Chinese food festival held in the month of July, Sonam Palgey Hotel has plans to offer the Gangtokians with absolute gourmet of ‘Dum’ cuisine by India’s first chef family.
‘Hyderabadi Dam Biryani’ festival will be organized from August 20 till September 5.
The menu has been styled by Chef Irfan Querishi and his assistance chef Neem Prasad.
“This time we have embarked a new experience with Hyderabadi Dam Biryani which the food connoisseurs have never experienced before,” said Damodar Khanal, General Manager, Hotel Sonam Palgey. He added that the success of Dum Bukhari Biryani which was hosted last year has encouraged them to take up this new venture.
The chef Irfan Querishi, who will be supervising his subordinates, said Biryani had originated from Lucknow, Avadh. Apart from various kinds of Biryani, Rampurgosh Biryani (raw marinated mutton and basmati rice, cooked with aromatized herbs, mint and black cumin), Hyderabadi Dum biryani, Kushera multan biryani and Querishi family Imtiaz dum biryani will be in the menu. He believes that 60 to 70 percent Biryanis in the list of menu will be preferred by the people of Sikkim.
As for the spices needed for the Biryanis, Mr. Querishi said that mostly Peshwari blend and Kashmiri will be used. As for the price is concerned, it will be a maximum of Rs 150 for Rampurgosh Biryani and least at Rs 110 for Kushera Multan Dum Biryani.