Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Chief Minister Pawan Chamling appreciates the publication of State Green Mission

Sikkim CM happy over Forest Dept’s plan to record Green Mission initiatives
GANGTOK, August 3: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling has expressed happiness over the State Forest Department’s decision to come up with the publication of State Green Mission and its achievement marking completion of three years of successful implementation of the Green Mission in the State.

“This is a notable milestone in the progress made towards our larger goal to protect our Mother Earth,” Mr. Chamling said in his message today.

While stating that the State Government has firmly acted to pursue development programs with environmental sustainability as a core concern, he said the Government has so moduled the development activity that it may bring minimum effect on our environment with enough provision for regenerative effort in place. “The concept of Green Roads, Smriti Bans, conservation of water resources, utilization of vacant land for plantation of valuable species, ban on grazing, eviction of Goths in Highlands etc. are contributing towards healthy growth of our forest resources, recording over two percent increase in forest cover,” the Chief Minister said adding that the State Green Mission has an added value with huge effect in this line and has been able to unite the people for a common cause like never before.

Talking on global challenge of tackling climate change and global warming, Mr. Chamling said Sikkim recently created a historical record to successfully plant 6 lakhs and 10 thousands saplings across the State within 10 minutes under the especially dedicated green campaign. At the same time, he stressed on the collective effort to continue finding greater innovation in “our continued effort to conserve our environment” in the days to come.

The Chief Minister also congratulated the State Forest Secretary and all his team for the successful completion of hundred years of forestry in Sikkim. Also congratulating the State Green Mission implementation set up for their cooperation and hard work, he expressed confidence that the whole team shall gear up to further increase the momentum and tempo of this campaign and implement this concept of shared responsibility with greater enthusiasm and commitment.