Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Peace rally to protest mega hydel power projects in Sikkim

Sikkim Lepcha Organisations adopts "Gandhigiri" in Gangtok by Protesting With Gandhi Portray

Gangtok, Oct 2 : Police today detained many monks and youth of the Lepcha community when they attempted to take out a peace procession towards Gandhi statue to focus their plight in Sikkim.About 100 monks and Lepcha youths under the banner of Sangha of Dzongu (SOD) and Concerned Lepchas of Sikkim (CLOS) carrying a portrait of the Father of Nation took out a with banners, prayer flags along with the tri-colour to protest proposed erection of dams and setting up power projects in tribal north Sikkim.

Along with the Affected Citizens of Teesta (ACT), both the organisations have been spearheading a Satyagraha against the proposed implementation of mega hydel power projects in north district. As their relay hunger strike entered its 104th day today, the rallyists were proceeding to offer floral tributes to Mahatma Gandhi's statue at M G Marg here.
The detention came after the rallyists defied an order to remove the banners and stopped slogans, except the national flag, before proceeding towards the statue.

Police detained about 25 people, including monks and later allowed the remaining people in groups to offer their tributes to the Mahatma sans banners and posters.
East Sikkim Superintendent of Police (SP) M S Tuli said the procession did not take any permission as required under Section 30 A of the Police Act.

Mr Tuli said the leaders of the rally would be detained 151 Cr Pc to prevent further trouble while the others would be released.

Meanwhile, a state-level function to tribute Mahatma Gandhi was also organised at the same place.