Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sikkim to have additional storage capacity of fuel:IOC

Gangtok,October2: As the crisis of cooking gas continued in Sikkim for a month,the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) in the collaboration with the state government of Sikkim has decided to enhance the storage capacity for this landlocked strategic state Sikkim.

We have agreed to enhance the capacity of the fuel depot and LPG bottling plant located at Rangpo ," In charge of Siliguri IOC office, Sammir Sinha after a meeting with state government officials yesterday.

Mr. Sinha is also state level coordinator of the Sikkim for IOC. Speaking to the journalists in Gangtok ,Mr.Sinha said the demand for the LPG in the state has increased many folds."with the increase in demands, we want to ensure supply and storage of these essential items in also increased to fulfill the monthly requirement or demand of Sikkim." The IOC official said the supply of the petrol and diesel will be enhanced three times and twice the present quantities respectively.

There are 14 authorised retail IOC dealers and nine kerosene agents in the Sikkim with a sole depot and the bottling plant at Rangpo.

The LPG supply to Sikkim is routed through Siliguri from Barouni in Bihar,while fuel supplies are made from Assam.The disruptions of the NH-31A connecting Sikkim with Siliguri has resulted in triggering an acute crisis of LPG cylinders in state.

However, at least sixteen LPG and fuel tankers have finally reached the depot and bottling plant at Rangpo on an average from Friday providing relief to the local people, industrial units and defence establishments .

We are now position to fulfill 100% demand of the state.We expect to release 3500 cylinders a day from Rangpo plant from this onwards to cater to all the requirements before festive season of Dasain.

IOC official also acknowledged their thanks to co-operation and help from Chief Secretary and District Collector East Vishal Chauhan .It may be noted that Chief Secretary Chingapa during his official visit to Delhi last week has raised the matter of LPG shortage with PMO and Petroleum Secretary to Government of India which has really set the ball rolling at all levels.