Monday, October 08, 2007


NAMCHI, October 7: An Advisor to the Government of Sikkim on Floriculture, Dr. MM Dawn was assaulted by unknown person here at one of the hotels here yesterday.
According to information received, Dr. Dawn was inside his hotel room when the attack took place. Around 9 pm, he felt a blow in his head above his eyebrow.
The SP South, GK Verma stated that the victim himself was inebriated when the attack took place and does not remember anything. When the investigating officer of the case reached the spot, Dr. Dawn was not in the condition to give any statements. It is assumed that he might have bad mouthed someone who in turn responded with the blow.
According to the Police, the victim has suffered simple injury above the eyebrow and after the first aid, he is presently at Siliguri for CT scan. The Police is waiting for the arrival of the medical report of the victim and will act accordingly, it is learnthi.