Thursday, September 27, 2007

Section 144 imposed in North Sikkim for grass-root elections

Gangtok, September 27: With the announcement of the Election date by the State Election Commission, the District Magistrate, North District, Shri. T.N. Kazi has issued prohibition order under Sub-Section 3 of Section 144 of the Cr. P.C. of 1973 (2 of 1974) in the North District.The order reads that every member of the general public residing at, frequenting or visiting North District & areas falling within the jurisdiction of all Police Stations in North District are covered. The order further prohibits wide spread political activities in the form of mobilization of party supporters, active canvassing, slogan shouting, political meetings by various political and interested parties throughout the jurisdiction of North District. And that no person shall carry any firearms ,explosives, sharp edged and deadly weapons namely swords ,swords-sticks,daggers,bayonets, spear heads including lances, javelins, battle axes, knives, khukuris, kirpans, patangs and other deadly weapons like iron rod ,missiles, petrol bottle bombs, explosive gadgets, grenades, hand bombs in public places, streets, bazaars, roads and in any form of conveyances within the jurisdiction of North District and areas falling within all the police stations in North Districts. The order will remain in force till the election process is declared over