Monday, September 03, 2007

The Sant Nirankari Satsang @ Gangtok Prison

Gangtok,Sep03: The Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhavan,Gangtok has organised a cultural programme for inmates of Ronyek jail located in capital to spread the message of brotherhood and spiritualism in the prison.

A large gathering of people were gathered representing all sections of the community including Addl.District Collector Naveen Chhetri, Shri B.Adhikari, Incharge Sikkim Sant Nirankari Satsang , Jail Superintendent and a host of other distinguished guests.

This was a remarkable occasion illustrating the principles of Unity in Diversity, which is a fundamental teaching of the Sant Nirankari Mission today. Before the formal prayers and discourse took place within the Congregation, there was a cultural celebration to mark the event.

Upon the conclusion thereof, On behalf of The Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhavan,Gangtok ,The Jail Inmates were presented with a large Colour Television Set ,A Music System.

His Holiness Message about how there are so many barriers all around which were proving very harmful for all mankind. Satsang speaker said,
“Man should build bridges and not walls as they are more important in order for exchange to take place and draw people closer to each other. It takes more energy to build walls, which will create greater distance between mankind causing only division.”
"Love is very important as it allows humanity and life to flourish, but hatred has ruined the world."
Baba ji said that we see more walls today and Devotees must always work to make bridges and he prayed that all may have the wisdom for this to be achieved irrespective of one’s background, culture or the nation they belonged to.