Sunday, September 30, 2007

"PRECIOUS" :The Gangtok's Red Panda Baby

Himalayan Zoological Park of Gangtok,Sikkim is also known as Bulbuley, this is a recently established Zoo of Sikkim's native fauna species. Situated 8 kilometers above Gangtok and spread over a sprawling expanse of 205 hectares, its inmates can roam around almost freely in a semi-natural habitat. Species in captivity include the Red Panda, Himalayan Black Bears, Spotted Deer and Barking Deer.

A lovely 3 months old Red Panda Cub made its public debut at the Himalyan Zoological Garden or Bulbuley in Gangtok. The cub is christian ed ‘Rigsel’ meaning ‘Precious’ in Bhutia language. Zookeepers cuddled and showed off the 3 months old Red Panda male cub as they tried to weigh him on scale.
The proud parents ,Rahul and Lucky,completely ignored the visitors around the enclosure and continued their morning Snooze.
The name was given by Additional Chief Secretary T.T.Dorjee in a programme organized at Park premises. He was accompanied by the ST Lachungpa, Principal Chief Conservators of the Forests, Addl. PCCF- N.T.Bhutia,Chief Wildlife Warden-Guth Lepcha,and Joint Director,Parks & Zoos division-Dr.Madan Shankar and other Forest officials.
Earlier,Mr.Dorjee also released a pair of the Golden Pheasant inside the aviary and also planted a rhododendron sapling at the premises of the Aviary Complex of Park.
The Red Panda is the State animal of the Sikkim and is the world’s most endangered animals and is a Schedule I species under Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.