Sunday, August 26, 2007

ZEMU GLACIER SHELF BREAK - a rumour or reality

The Zemu glacier is situated in a large U-shaped valley at the base of the Kanchenjunga massif in northwestern Sikkim. It has a length of about 26 km and is the largest and the most famous glacier of the eastern Himalaya. The Teesta River rises from the snout of this glacier.
Many tributary glaciers feed the trunk glacier. The side valleys in which these glaciers lie open into the main Zemu Valley from different directions. Icefalls and waterfalls have formed at the junction of the tributary glaciers with the Zemu glacier.

There was unconfirmed reports coming regarding breaking of the Zemu glacier today.Zemu Glacier shelf is break and a significant driving in Teesta river is shown, which may cause danger for river bank side inhabitants, a source said last night telephonically. This flow may collapse, and damage the surrounding bedrock. News on Zemu Glacier shelf break is rumor relating a fact that a blocked was made after land slide on the path of Zemu Chu* (Poke Chu). The blocked was opened yesterday which cause for significant water flow in river Teesta is rumored as Zemu glacier shelf break, government official said today telephonically. (* river)