Sunday, August 19, 2007

SHRP warns of Nature revenge

Gangtok: A press release from Sikkim Himali Rajya Parishad warns of dangers of Nature's fury in context of recent flash flood in Dzongu in which employees engaged in drilling work for Panan Hydel Project along with some of their equipments lost to a flash flood by the Tholungu, one of the tributaries of the Teesta river, in the Dzongu area in North Sikkim. Environment abuse risks nature's revenge and the Dzongu incident should be seen also in light of religious sentiments and importance attached by lepchas of Dzongu to Teesta river.
Press release informs that Government should take this incidence as warning of future perils that might be caused due to abuse of nature and not respecting historical religious significance therefore it request state government to come forward to on going hunger strike by ACT as it significantly relates to these very issues .