Monday, August 20, 2007

SDF : Stop Misguiding Innocent Lepchas

Gangtok: The ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) while claiming that the innocent Lepchas were being misled by the Opposition parties for baking their political bread has issued a strong written statement to press today accusing the Opposition parties saying:

' Instead of raising baseless controversies, Opposition parties and its leaders who into political oblivion — should reflect on the consequences which their actions have inflicted on the state'.

The so called social organisations and opposition political parties are hatching conspiracy to stop the state's development and of Sikkim people will not tolerate it.

Further it added, All the Opposition are engaging themselves in misguiding the innocent lepcha people by creating fear in their minds and encouraging them to undertake hunger strikes which could cause irreparable loss to their health and lives for which they would be solely responsible and accountable.

Sikkim Democratic Front has always upheld the high values whenever it comes to safeguarding the environment and it is only SDF government which granted the primitive status to lepcha peoples and also undertaking all measures to protect sanctity of Dzongu and securing rights and interests of lepcha people in all earnest unlike opposition political parties who have sole agenda of using lepcha people for furthering their political motives .