Sunday, August 26, 2007

Remmbering martyrs hero Major Durga Malla

D urga Malla was the first Gorkhas to sacrifice his life for the nation, born in Diowla Dheradun in 1913. He was the eldest son of N.B Sub Malla, he joined the 2/1 Gorkha Rifles at the age of 18 in 1931 in Dahramsala and later promoted to Signal Havildar.
In 1941 he was sent to Malaya to fight with the invading Japanese allied forces, the British army was defeated at hands of Japanese in Singapore in 1942 and reinforcement was needed to fight the Japanese forces. After the formation of Indian National Army, the 3rd Gorkha Rifles 21/2,2/2 and 2/9 . played a prominent role under the commandant of Puran Singh Thakuri.
The responsibility of formation of volunteers for INA was entrust to Hav. Durga Malla and Hav. Asam Singh after which Subash Chandra Bose became undisputed leaders.
His devotion of duty and volour coupled with other skills elevated him to rank of major in INA, he was asked to work in intelligence wing of INA. When he was collecting information of enemy camps he was caught in Ukhrul , on 27 March'1944. he was given a death sentenced by the court of trail at Red Fort, New Delhi, before death sentenced he was finally given chance to meet his wife Smt. Sharda Malla of Shyam Nagar Dhar-msala, Himachal Pardesh, Malla didn't succumb and said a word to his wife:' The sacrifice I am offering shall not go in vain, India will be free I am confident, this is only a matter of time, sharda don't worry crores of Indians are with you", the incident occur only after a three years of marriage, he was given hanged on 25th Aug1944.
The event of Balidan Diwas which is celebrate across country on 25th August and it is marked another recognition of 10 millions plus Nepali across India, which is a second biggest honors for the community since August 1992, when Indian parliament recognized the Nepalese language as one of the national language, and the second was the Indian parliament unveiled a statue of Maj. Durga malla In Loksabha on Dec17 2004.
Another Soldier with INA Capt. Ram Singh Thakuri scored the music for many Patriotic INA Songs including its famous battle songs" Kadam Kadam Badayja'
Programmes were held in Singtam,Namchi ,Gangtok to salute to all the martyrs hero who laid down their life for the country especially Major Durga Malla.In Gangtok,blood was donated at STNM .Sikkim Gorkha party has appealed to state government to declare a public holiday on August25.