Friday, August 31, 2007

Home Coming of Heroes

We will start a massive revolution should the Govt fail to come up with concrete decisions: Dawa & Tenzing

Dzongu,August 30:The hunger striker duo DawaLepcha and Tenzing Gyatso Lepcha in their first visit to home in Dzongu after withdrawing from a historic 63 days hunger strike to register their protests against hydel projects in Dzongu, North Sikkim were welcomed home as heroes yesterday on August30, 2007 by a large gathering of Dzongu residents. It was an emotional reunion and home coming for both and everyone else gathered to receive them. The duo bedecked with khadas walked across the Sankalang bridge that leads into the lepcha reserve.
As the two alighted short of Sankalang at 11.35 A.M. respected Bongthing from Lingza-Gorak Lepcha blessed them and than the rush started to offer khadas to the duo who had sort of become an iconic symbol of struggle and sacrifice for the cause they believed in and put their lives on the line for Motherland Dzongu .
The gathering then walked to Namprikdang where a public meeting was convened and platform provided speaker after speaker an opportunity to appreciate and laud Dawa and Tenzing as heroes of Dzongu while the Duo took opportunity to once more express on reasons why they were against hydel projects in Dzongu ,why they withdrew their hunger strike and what they expected and hoped from every resident of reserve land.
“These khadas that we received today, we do so on behalf of our Motherland Dzongu. These are not for us but for Dzongu as proof of commitment that we shall stand by her”Dawa said while addressing the gathering later at Namprikdang.
He also set the record straight on why they have withdrawn from the indefinite hunger strike.” There are some people accusing us of selling out the cause; such people are dealing in baseless rumours. If we had indeed been bought over ,why are we still standing against hydel projects?” he stressed..
His partner in the hunger strike for 63 days Tenzing added,”we withdrew from hunger strike because there was an assurance from State Government of an positive outcome if We did so .People should not think that we have lost or that protest itself has been abandoned. Our stand is Same. We are still willing to sacrifice our lives for Dzongu”.
Dawa further informed that gathering that had made significant achievements. “Lepchas from all over the World are sensitive to the issue now.They are expressing support from all corners of the world and they are doing so because Dzongu is the land that gives every Lepcha his or her identity’he added.
The huge gathering included ACT president Athup Lepcha, ACT advisor Sonam Paljor Denzongpa, CLOS president Gyatso Lepcha, Panchayat Secretary Hee Gyathang Norzang Lepcha, ACT general Secretary Sherab Lepcha and members and supporters of ACT,CLOS, apart from residents of Dzongu.
Addressing the gathering Norzang Lepcha,an ACT member from the Hee Gyathang lauded DAWA and Tenzing as pride of the entire Lepcha community for their brave stand on issue close to Lepcha heartland and said that they have become heroes and legends for not just Lepchas but also for everyone who believes in peaceful protests and democracy.
The ACT president informed that indefinite hunger strike was withdrawn on the request of Yangthang Rimpoche, NGOs, Opposition Parties and the Chief Minister’s appeal to set a congenial atmosphere for talks.