Monday, July 02, 2007


Rangpo: The gateway of Sikkim, Rangpo, remained tensed and there was closure of bazaar for nearly three hours after officer from urban development and housing department, had altercation with shopkeepers of Rongpo during the surprise raid.

Owners of fast-food shops protested against Mr. Tobgay Bhutia, secretary, UDHD, by closing the shops at around 1 pm, for his misbehaviors towards shopkeepers during the departmental checking in the areas.The UD&HD’s routine check was on like last few days at Rangpo, when the bazaar was set at unease by the UD&HD Secretary coming out openly with threats to close down all shops with a single order.
It was learnt that the UD&HD Secretary, T Bhutia had allegedly misbehaved with Swaminath Prasad, a senior businessman of Rangpo Bazaar. The UD&HD Secretary had allegedly threatened Swaminath Prasad to cease his trade licence and shut down his shop. However, it was not clarified what exactly prompted the Secretary’s rage.
The episode culminated in the shutting down of the fast food outlet of Swaminath Prasad that was then followed by all other shops at Rangpo Bazaar. Business at Rangpo Bazaar came to a stand still for almost three hours, triggering inconvenience to tourist and local populace.

UDHD conducts the surprise checking for qualities of foods, cleanliness, documentations of shops etc. after the several complaints filed by the public.There has been lots of improvement in this regards but multiple checking from various departments like health, UDHD, police etc, sometime there are about three times checking in a week, which has been hampering the business and closer of few fast-food shops, groused local shopkeeper.Later there was a meeting among disgruntled shopkeepers, police and UDHD at Rangpo police station. Situation was calm down when Mr. Sonam Bhutia, SDPO, apologized on behalf of secretary, UDHD.