Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Amdo golai landslip probe committee formed
Gangtok,18 June: A high level meeting of the government presided by D.D.Bhutia, acting chief minister and the minister of Land and Disaster Management, for taking the immediate measures for the second landslip at Amdo Golai held at his chamber at Tashiling today. The meeting was attended by all the departmental heads such as secretaries and even the Chief Secretary, N.D.Chingappa, of the state including GREF senior officers. The house took the decision to take the immediate steps to clear off traffic of Indira bypass road for the light vehicles within a few days. Besides, the government also made a probe committee for the Amdo Golai landslide to enquire the causes and its ramification in future. Speaking to the Mail, Minister DD Bhutia said, we have made a probe committee to enquire about the landslip how it happened and after a thorough survey only we will go to implement the proper measures, otherwise in haste we couldn’t say what we do.” According to Minister Bhutia the government has taken the initiative to clean the drainage system of Gangtok city immediately where these are remained blocked with the help of GREFs. Besides, the unnecessary cable lines of BSNL and Nayuma Telivision hanging and coiled will also be removed off from the different places. The sands and chips dumped alongside the roads for building construction also will be removed off from the concerned department. “These all are responsible for such landslide in the city, “Bhutia said. “So these all obstructions should immediately be removed off.” Besides, Geology department has also recommended six suggestions for the government to take as the measures. Firstly, the household waste water should be canalized, secondly, in areas where caving etc, has occurred, it can be protected by erection in inset walls, thirdly, slot and wedge and Tor steel type rock bolting can be applied to stitch the surface rocks with the inner fresh rocks, fourth, unstable overhanging rocks have to be removed, Fifth, slope flattening possibility can be taken up, Sixth, untrained jhoras near the site has to be cleared off garbage and other obstructions in the jhoras bed.The Amdo golai landslip has become the major cause of concern for the government as it took place in the heart of the city. Indira bypass wherefrom the SDF headquarter can be reached also has been blocked thereby stopping the party leaders to go to headquarters where most of the ministers have to take the decision in their party office before any decision to take in the government.
Meanwhile,Military trucks and other heavy vehicles that prefer the bypass since it does not enter the congested Gangtok town were diverted today. They are now using the NH 31A.
Those headed for destination along Indira Bypass, Sichey and Lower Burtuk had to use Ambedkar Road, which starts from near the Paljor Stadium and ends at the East district administrative complex at Sichey.