Friday, June 22, 2007


Gangtok: Ruling Sikkim Democratic front party organized meeting in every constituency level in order to observe Sampuran Kranti Diwas, which means struggle for revolutionary changes in all front propounded by its leader and Chief Minister Dr. Pawan Chamling.

Every year, June 22 is marked for the occasion by the party since its inception in 1994. In his message, party President and Chief Minister urged the people to be aware of the opportunity to exploit before them being provided by the SDF Government. He urged the second generation to be conscious enough about the changes taking place in global scenario and for that they have to build up the concept of revolutionary change in profession, he added. He further said in his message that the struggle and revolution continues against the suppression and discrimination. In his message, Dr. Chamling has remembered all the fighters of the party who struggled in June 22, 1993.

"Our revolution continues against all forms of suppression,agents of the elite,for clear and equal rights,brighter futures of coming generations and a happy Sikkim" Chief Minister in his address to SDF party workers on the occasions of Sampoorna Kranti Diwas.

Dr.Chamling in his message remind party workers on Why the SDF was formed in first place-"To give poor a voice,provide the underprivileged with more options and remember their aspirations when in power".

In this regards he stressed that SDF Government in the last 13 years of rule created more opportunities for the people than ever existed before in the past and it was up to youths to grab these opportunities and avail the best option.