Wednesday, February 14, 2018

India’s Tallest and Biggest Lord Parshuram Statue Coming up in Sikkim

Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling laid the foundation Stone of Statue of Lord Parshuram at Barang, Lower Tumin in East Sikkim on Thursday.
The 54 ft high Statue will be the biggest and tallest statue of Lord Parshuram in India and will have elaborate infrastructure supporting the main statue. The entire complex would be termed the Parshuram Dham and will be built at a project cost of Rs. 78.04 crore.
The Chief Minister congratulated the people of the area for the project which after completion would be one of the most sought-after tourism heritage destinations in the State and the country. “The Statue of Lord Parshuram would be the tallest and biggest statue in India and would open a floodgate of opportunities for the people of the region,” he said.
He added that the project would usher in benefits such as multi-fold increase in the value of land, surge in hotels, cars and other such facilities, open up employment opportunities for the youth, and various other avenues such as flower shops, eateries, milk and milk products, puja items and related outlets. Moreover, it will make the people of the region self-reliant and subsequently job providers.
Speaking about similar such projects in the State, he maintained that the vision of the Government is to optimally utilize the existing resources of the State for the progress and development of the State and its people. “We have integrated our culture and tradition with the modern development methods. This particular project would be one more example of that,” he stated.
The project envisages establishing a State of the Art religious complex with a 54 feet high Statue of Lord Parshuram at the centre. The 54 feet high bronze metal Statue of Lord Parshuram will be casted in ‘low-wax process’ and shall be placed over 15 to 16 feet high pedestal. Therefore, the total height, including the pedestal, would be around 70 feet.
There will be Hawan Kunds on two sides of the pedestal for offering Hawans and pujas. A multipurpose hall of area 3500 square feet would be built to perform any religious ritual. The complex will also have souvenir shop of 2500 square feet for display and sale of merchandise. A food court with multiple food counters is also included in the project. The ticketing counter with back office and storage facilities would be located near the entrance.
The complex will also have a model display room for display of all the principles of Hindu divine characters. There shall be four numbers of meditation huts, a premium category guest house, two numbers of Pujari residential quarter and one staff quarter. There will also be 2 toilet blocks comprising of Male and Female toilets in the compound.
The main entry leading to the Statue of Lord Parshuram is proposed to be named KHANDA PARSHU MARG wherein all the history of Lord Parshuram will be en-carved and depicted along the wall. The murals and artwork would be adequately displayed in different areas of the complex.
Adequate numbers of Gazeboes or covered sitting huts will be constructed, each having a capacity of 15 persons. The complex will
also have children play zone having an area of 10,000 square feet. The water bodies with sprinkle fountain and foam bubblers have also been proposed in this project. The project features also include stone paved area and public space with 100 numbers of weather proof benches.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Amazing Jaipur

The Pink City of Jaipur truly fascinating as Can be seen from images  captured here by LALIT CHORARIA .

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sikkim Duo in North East Ke Super Star Finals

Gangtok: October 21 Remanti Rai and Robin Mukhia has appealed the people of Sikkim for their support to make them the winners of the ‘North East Ke Super Star’ being telecast on the DD North East Channel. Remanti reaches the final round of singing competition scheduled to be held on 12th November, while Robin is in the final round of dancing competition to be held on 13th November. Addressing a press conference today, the duo finalists informed that a total of 5 singers and 5 dancers from Sikkim were shortlisted for the competition and likewise similar participants were chosen from other north eastern states as well. The finalists informed that in earlier rounds, participants from the different states were mixed up and competitions were conducted by dividing into different groups and talented were shortlisted for the further rounds. The duo finalists informed that in the semi-final round the competition was conducted between participants of their own states to choose the state champion, in which Rai became the state champion in singing and Mukhia became the state champion in dancing categories respectively. Now, the state champions of each state will be performing in the final round. “With our talent and hard work, we have survived so far in the competition but now to win the title of the event is purely depends upon the voting, so we appealed our people to send more vote for us,” the duo finalists requested. The episode of duo in which they became the state champions will be telecast on DD NE Channel today by 9 PM and likewise, state champions in singing of each state will be introduced in the episode of 28th October and state dancing champions will be introduced on 29th October. Adding further, the duo informed that from 29th October midnight the voting lines will be opened till 11th November. To send vote to Ms. Remanti Rai- type SONG RMN and send to 56363 and to send vote of Mr. Robin Mukhia- type DANC RBM and send to 56363. They have also planned to approach the people of neighboring hilly state by visiting Darjeeling, Kalimpong and other areas soon