Monday, September 26, 2011

SLEEPWELL: Sikkim Factory engulfed in fire

25 Sep,Rangpo: A major fire was reported at Sheela Foam Industrial Unit of Bhagey Khola between Rangpo and Singtam, according to a source fire broke at 12:30 PM and was immediately informed to the Rangpo PS. After receiving the call Fire Tenders rushed to the site and put down the ravaged flames. The local residents of the place also put their effort to extinguish the fire meantime then fire tender escorted whole site under seize. As per the report no any casualties is informed as such from the fire, the major infrastructure of the industry is totally crippled due to fire. It is further told that nearby within a few hundred meters there is a LPG bottling unit and also a oil depot. It is estimated that if there was slight more delay in informing the police then the matter could have become more violent. However the bravery and immediate response of Police as well as alertness of residents ceased a big damage. Until the report was prepared no any conclusive information over how the fire was raged could be received, further report is waited.

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