Wednesday, September 28, 2011

AFTER SIKKIM EARTHQUAKE: More than 10 Buildings to be demolished in Gangtok

GANGTOK, 26 Sept: A total of 10-12 buildings in Gangtok and Singtam have been identified for demolishing. While a huge percentage of buildings have been substantially damaged by the earthquake of 18 September, there are some which are not habitable, and furthermore, pose a threat to neighbouring buildings. All such buildings had been ordered to be evacuated by the district administration earlier and now, after an inspection the DC [East], D Anandan, has issued notices to the owners of 10 buildings in East District that their structures should be demolished.
As per the notice issued by the DC, East the buildings have to be demolished within three days.
Mr. Anandan informs that these buildings have to be demolished by the owners themselves at their own cost. The onus of dismantling the buildings lies with the owners. However, should the owners of the listed buildings fail to dismantle their structures within the given timeframe, the district administration will take further action.
The decision for issuing notices for dismantlement was taken after the submission of the inspection report which recommended such demolishment. The inspection is being conducted by a technical team comprising of UD&HD engineers along with two members from IIT Roorkee - Structural Engineer Emra and Seismologist Prof ML Sharma; the team also includes Assistant Geologist from Mines & Geology Department, KK Luitel.
It was informed that the team has inspected 406 buildings in and around Gangtok thus far.
Of the inspected 406 buildings, 70 [including those neighbouring the buildings marked for demolishment] have been evacuated and have been recommended for retrofitting and repairs

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