Friday, September 23, 2011

2 Multi-Storey Buildings Collapses in Gangtok

Injured man rescued to STNM hospital from Balwakhani building collapse
Gangtok Sep 23: A seven-storied residential apartment in this Sikkim capital caved in Friday, killing three people and injuring 50.

The apartment had 75 occupants, a police official said. It was raining heavily in the Sikkim capital. Details are not known.

Another building also collapsed. However, it was vacant and there were no injuries.The house collapse comes days after the Sep 18 earthquake in Sikkim that killed around 80 people in the state.

TheseTwo buildings collapsed in Gangtok a few moments ago today around 6.30pm , following the tremor on Thursday night. Panic spread among the residents of the city.

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