Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10-12 buildings damaged in Gangtok earthquake

 A magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit India 12:40:48 UT (10:48 PM at epicenter) The depth of the hypocenter was at 20.7 km.
Earthquake well felt every part of Nepal. In Solukhumbu district.7 people injured in Sankhuwasabha, Nepal while the people came running out of their home after tremor was felt. Ranigunj durbar of parsa district Nepal broke down due to the tremor.

Aftershocks of 6.1 and 5.3 have occurred. Regional TV station NewsLive reported that 10 to 12 buildings collapsed in Sikkim's state capital of Gangtok. We expect further damage and fatalities close to the epicentre
Reports say BSNL lines in north Bengal are down cutting off communication links in the region. Power has been disrupted in Darjeeling and other northern parts of West Bengal. In Assam's major city Guwahati, people panicked and ran out on the streets after the quake shook their houses. There were initial reports of minor damage
The first damage reports have come in with Indian reports detailing at least a dozen houses have collapsed in Sikkim alone.
Many houses collapsing may have caused many injured. More damage reports are expected soon.
This earthquake has been labelled CATDAT Orange, and is expected to move up to CATDAT Red soon
Just repeating, that a major earthquake has occurred on the India/Nepal border – Mw6.8. The earthquake occurred on a strike-slip fault from the moment tensor solution.
From GFZ – Mw6.8, 27.7N, 88.17E, 30km depth.
From USGS – Mw6.8, 27.73N, 88.082N, 20.7km depth.
This earthquake has been felt up to 900km away according to some felt reports. The closest felt report from USGS at the moment is 70km away at intensity 6 or 7.
Telephone land lines to Gangtok were disconnected and not much information is available from the epicentre as expected at this time. We are still awaiting at this time damage reports.
Earthquakes in 1973, 1980, 2006 and 2007 have caused damage and fatalities near Sikkim, India in CATDAT.
However, these earthquakes have had magnitudes much lower. The last earthquake in 2007 caused 2 fatalities near where the earthquake occurred today

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