Friday, July 22, 2011

Spice Board Revives Black Cardamom of Sikkim

Gangtok, July 22: A total of 45 farmers from Tingzey ward of Upper Mangshilla, North Sikkim who have undertaken the cardamom farming under the scheme “Certified Nursery” the scheme which has been funded by the Spices Board of India. The farmers of this village are doing well through this scheme which has become one of the main sources of income for them presently. The farmers were taught with the new farming technology method under this scheme for the cultivation of sucker “Large Cardamom” by the Spices Board along with the Rain Water Harvesting for irrigation of the cardamom during dry spell too. The scheme which was provided to the farmers five years ago is now giving production and the farmers are able to sell the cardamom in the market. Considering the development of the said program a joint inspection was conducted by the Spices Board, headed by the Senior Field Officer, Mr. PT Lepcha and Mr. R J Mondal, Farm Manager including Mr. Ringzing Bhutia, Inspector from Horticulture Department. The inspecting team found the progress of the cardamom in the area as per the expectation of the Department. The farmers have to produce at least 2000 saplings for mitigating the target of single unit ,
Mr. Laksingh Limboo one of the farmer informed that he was able to produce five quintal of cardamom last year and was able to sale more than four thousand saplings which gives annual income of more than
4 lakhs. This year his expectation is more than what he got last year. Mr. Limboo who has started the farming since five years ago started producing cardamom after two years of plantation and expressing his gratitude towards the Spices Board for providing such a fruitful scheme in the village by which many farmers can bear their household expenses.
 Mr. R J Mondal, Farm Manager, Spices Board informed that the department has provided the scheme in most of the villages in North District and also added that the saplings have been demanded by the
Horticulture Department too for distribution to the farmers from other districts too. Mr. Mondal adding more informed that the Spices Board is providing the training on new method of farming as well.
Spice Board of India provide the subsidy grant of Rs. 11,500/- to each farmer.

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