Friday, July 08, 2011

Sikkim MP PD Rai Questions Sikkim University's VC Prof. Lama’s role in Sikkim’s educational development

Gangtok July 7 : Sikkim's Lok Sabha MP Mr PD Rai strongly condemned the statements coming from the Sikkim University Vice Chancellor Prof. Mahendra P Lama regarding the land acquisition for the establishment of Sikkim University by the State Government. He stated that the process of land acquisition has already started and Prof Lama should understand the gravity of the situation. Land is a sensitive issue and people who have given their land for the University has to be rehabilitated first, before the same is handed over to the University. He further added that the process of rehabilitation has already started and the Government is leaving no stones unturned from its side to complete the project soon. He also added that being the Vice Chancellor he has not come for any discussion or deliberation on the issue with the State Government on the issue for its settlement. It was also informed that the University has not submitted the plan and programme about the design and lay out of the upcoming University to the State Government. Further the MP very strongly voiced that from the manner of his working it is clear that Pro Lama is not working in the true earnest for the students of Sikkim and the development of their future. “We feel let down in many ways” added a peeved MP.

Likewise SDF Spokesperson Mr Bhim Dahal informed that on 30th June 2010 the VC himself went and met with the land donors and told them to vacate the land immediately. This was not taken lightly by the people who on 6th July 2010 came and submitted to the Government that the land will not be handed over until they are rehabilitated suitably. Mr Dahal called such act coming from the VC as against the policy of the State Government and questioned his intentions. He also stated that in 365 days of a year the VC is present in the University only for 90 days, amongst the 225 students of the Sikkim University only 21 are from Sikkim and he has engaged 42 teachers for these 225 students. He also added that the State Government is closely monitoring the activities of the University as well as the VC as it concerns the future of the students of the State and neither the Leader nor the Party will let anything spoil it. Mr Dahal also stated VC had created many obstacles on the process of the affiliation of the Soreng B.Ed college earlier.
He further added that in Geyzing there is an immediate need for a college as there are more than 1300 students from around West Sikkim, however when the Government wrote to SU for affiliation for the Geyzing College VC turned down the proposal. Mr Dahal said that the VC is doing nothing but creating obstacles for the State Government in providing quality education for the people of Sikkim. The State Government had processed for affiliation through the Vinayaka Missions University for Geyzing College and the VC again gave strong remarks in the press against it. This in the words of Mr Dahal is highly uncalled for coming from the Vice Chancellor of Sikkim University that was established for the benefit of the students from Sikkim.

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