Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party takes on Prof. Lama on Sikkim University

Gangtok, July 11: The establishment of Sikkim University in the state is the need for the development of state as a whole and the future generation and the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party welcomes every statement made by
the opposition in a positive way, were the opening words of General Secretary (SDF) Mr. TN Sharma in a conference held here in capital today. Whereas MP Lok Sabha Mr. PD Rai in his address said that the final phase of acquisition of land for SU is in its way which in itself is a major achievement but it does not help the matters when the SU VC visits the site and tries to coerce the public which he did on 30th June 2010 which is not at all the VC’s look out. Adding more Mr. Rai said that all the matters related to SU when made political does not solve the problem what it has become today and Mr. Rai even thanked the political parties and politically motivated outfits who have dropped their hats in the ring too. Stating more Mr. Rai informed that many of the statements of such people are recorded in a few newspapers is malicious and the SDF party condemns them outright.

The opposing people have proved their commitment to an anti-people agenda, their statement are proof enough of the fact that they have no love for the younger generation and will go to any length to oppose the pro people stance of SDF party added Mr. Rai. Informing more Mr. Rai added that SDF party and its government never wanted to make SU land acquisition an issue but when the VC made the quasi political moves then it became mandatory for us to bring the issues on the ground to the people as after being forced numerous times by the VC act the party had to stand. Mr. Rai further placed queries like what kind of actions have been taken by the university to upgrade the facilities as well as the teaching capability of the colleges, professors and subject content enhancements. Furthermore Mr. Rai said that all this queries are important indicators of the commitments made by the university to provide solid support to the colleges operating in state to enable the children with better quality education and skill sets.SDF Spokesperson Mr. Bhim Dahal in his address said that SDF party and its led government want the construction of SU be completed soon but requests for change in Prof. Lamas behavior towards the Sikkimese people and the state along with a suggestion that he should not address the media often and not to oppose the state governments initiative.

Furthermore Mr. Dahal added that Sikkim state has the potential to become a educational hub and every efforts from the government is made to achieve the same too. The disconnection of Prof. Lama from the people of Sikkim or the government has made the acquisition of land along with the whole process of setting up of the university a tough job but if connected every thing will be easier and smooth added Mr. Dahal.

Adding more Mr. Sharma stated that the allocation of land to SU and the resettlement of the donor’s are being carried out by the State Government but the acquisition of land, allocation has become a major
issue today. SU is established for the people of Sikkim and the generation next but the way SU is operating or functioning under Vice Chancellor (VC) Professor Mahindra P Lama is not at all favoring, benefitting the larger interest of the Sikkimese people in state in context to employment opportunity or academically. Since the inception of SDF party and its government that is since 1994 the establishment of SU was given the highest priority by the visionary Chief Minister also the president of SDF party, Dr Pawan Chamling and due to his determination and approach to the central government SU was granted added Mr. Sharma. Furthermore Mr. Sharma informed that during that time only 50% of the states across the nation had university and upon that if we look as per the population the establishment of SU was never possible, the CM’s plea for establishing SU after holing numerous meet came into existence. Where as the SU, VC Prof. Lama today is unable to meet up to the hopes and aspiration of the Sikkimese people at all informed Mr. Sharma. Mr. Sharma stating more said that acquisition of land is a sensitive issue across the nation today and in Sikkim a major one due to the existence of old laws but the instance of Prof. Lama that was initiated on 30th June 2010 when he along with his group visited the site and threatened the inhabitants the acquisition process was hampered totally. Reacting to the behaviour the local inhabitants of the land acquired site at Yangyang even conducted a press meet and opposed Dr. Lama’s act.Addressing upon the employment opportunity provided to locals Mr. Sharma said that there are 92 professors currently educating the students in SU but of that only one is local whereas in regards to students admitted stated that there are a total of 225 students availing their Post Graduation course from SU where only 21 students are locals. The SU is started to facilitated the children’s of state with best of education along with quality but the process catered in the university for local students to avail admission is tough and due to which the students are moving out to other states for studies which is totally against the concept the SDF party or the Government had dreamed off.Adding more Mr. Sharma stated that the state government started a college at West Sikkim which was not availed with affiliation from SU which the SDF led government opposes and in context to admission the entrance test for the candidates of Sikkim are set where as 5%
reservation is met for other state candidates which is totally injustice and the people of Sikkim along with the government criticizes. All such policies, criteria adopted by the VC, SU along with the support of the opposition to the VC is not acceptable to the SDF party and the government.The conference was also attended by SDF Publicity Secretary Mr. Amber Rai.

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