Wednesday, July 06, 2011

13 people have died due to HIV/ AIDS in Sikkim

Gangtok , July 6:As per the information received from Sikkim State Aids Control Society (SACS) till date a total of 13 people have died due to HIV/ AIDS in Sikkim, while 213 others are suffering from HIV/ AIDS.While speaking to Sikkim Mail Project Director Sikkim State Aids Control Society Mr.Uttam Pradhan informed that 138 male and 75 female are affected with HIV/AIDS in the state and 13 people have died so far.Mr. Pradhan further more informed that district-wise breakup showed that East Sikkim alone accounts over 80 percent of the HIV/ AIDS cases totaling to 175 patients, whereas in North Sikkim its only 4, South 20 and West 6 patients respectively.There are 115 male and 68 female patient in East district where as in West district 4 male and 2 female, North District 3 male and 1 female and in South District its 16 male and 4 female infected with HIV/ AIDS. According to Mr. Pradhan as much as 82 percent of the HIV/AIDS cases are transmitted due to sexual reasons, while drug abuse is the second biggest reason. Informing further Mr. Pradhan said that department has been providing counseling, suggesting and above that generating awareness amongst the people regarding the HIV/ AIDS using various means and methods but some people do not use condom or adopt preventive measures.

 Mr. Pradhan also stated that SSACS have around 13 counseling centre in the state along with six clinics for testing sexually transmitted disease (STD) but people do not come forward for counseling or testing.Furthermore Mr. Pradhan mentioned that due to migration number of HIV/

AIDS cases has been increasing in the state and similarly the coming of sex workers from out side state has also turned out to be the increase of patient in state lately.Department is playing a vital role in generating awareness amongst the people regarding the dreadful disease but the rise in patient on a continuous manner in state is a big challenge to be tackled stated Mr. Pradhan. Under the red ribbon campaign the department reached the far flung villages of the state and even spread awareness to the people about this disease but every positive step carried out by the department is wasted as the number of patient is increasing which is of concern now informed Mr. Pradhan.HIV/ AIDS has become a major problem across the globe and the only way to get rid of the disease is that every body must take the responsibility and play important role by creating awareness to the mass added Mr. Pradhan .Mr. Pradhan further informed that they had organized three day long work shop in the capital few days back where numerous representatives from district attended and it is hoped that the participants will definitely go to the grass root level and sensitize the general public.

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