Friday, June 10, 2011

sikkim Teesta Stage V project power generation disrupted

Gangtok, June 10 (PTI) Power generation at the 510 mw Teesta Stage V project at Dikchu in East Sikkim district remained suspended for two days due to heavy siltation in the reservoir.The hydrology record of the NHPC reveals that the 66,449 ppm siltation was recorded for upstream and 70,753 ppm recorded downstream yesterday, the highest siltation recorded this year, NHPC sources said.The normal siltation of Teesta recorded 7,000 to 10,000 per million particles.The sluice gates of dam were opened on Wednesday morning to flush the silt from the reservoir and power generation was scheduled to resume after de-siltation process was over by this day.The heavy downpour and the resultant overflow in the Teesta river earlier had led to the amassing of silt in the reservoir beyond its normal level.The generation of power at Teesta Stage V (510 mw) hydel project at Dikchu had been suspended in the last week of May also for the same reason

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